Bill O’Reilly Gets Ambushed In DC, Though Not At Gingrich Fundraiser As Reported

On Wednesday, a YouTube user who posts as “jjlongofa” posted a video of Bill O’Reilly crossing the street as he was on his way to a White House Christmas party. The video-taker peppered O’Reilly, asking if he was at Newt Gingrich’s nearby fundraiser. A stalwart O’Reilly kept walking, telling the cameraman to, “leave me alone right now.”

The video also featured graphics that read: “Bill O’Reilly Leaving Newt Gingrich Fundraiser; Washington D.C.; December 7, 2011”

Mediaite reached out to Fox News, and a spokesperson for the network told us that O’Reilly was not at a Gingrich fundraiser, but was, in fact, on his way to a White House Christmas party. He will address the video tonight, at 8 p.m., on The O’Reilly Factor.

Many on the left will view this sort of ambush as just desserts, since O’Reilly has never been afraid to send his own producers out to confront subjects of interest to his audience. Those on the right will see it as just an overzealous sensationalist with a video camera pestering a Fox News personality and then promoting false information. No matter what the leaning, though, the video serves one indisputable purpose: the old “umbrella-to-the-camera” move is, at long last, back in style.

Video of the ambush, with erroneous details, is below:

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