Bill O’Reilly Guest On OWS Violence: ‘Word At Rikers Island’ Is That The Protest Is ‘A Party’

On Wednesday night’s The Factor, Bill O’Reilly took a look at allegations of rape, assault and theft at various “Occupy” protests across cities, including New York City, Baltimore, Oakland, and Dallas.

Former NYPD detective and current Fox News contributor Bo Dietl said that, from what he’s heard, the “word at Rikers Island” is that the protest sites are a “party” with free food and access to drugs, adding that the protests have been steadily attracting a “criminal element” and a “homeless element.” Furthermore, he said, there’s a “code of conduct” among protesters, barring them from reporting instances of theft or sexual harassment to law enforcement.

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What worries Dietl the most, however, are anarchists “stirring things up” among the protesters, as well as vulnerable young runaways with “matted hair” who are attracted to the protests.

Have a look at the report, from Fox News:

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