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Bill O’Reilly Has Bieber Fever, Wants Water Bottle Thrower Arrested

The chyron writers on The O’Reilly Factor got a chance to write the name “Justin Bieber” last night, as Bill O’Reilly devoted a segment to the teen pop star getting hit in the head with a water bottle at a concert.

FNC host Juliet Huddy joked about it, but O’Reilly got very serious about the incident.

First of all, in the video below you’ll see Justin Bieber getting hit with a giant water bottle (or maybe a regular-sized water bottle and just a tiny head). Either way, O’Reilly thinks it looks like a turkey.

“A fan obviously is trying to shut this liberal child down. He’s from Canada but he’s part of the Hollywood elite now,” said Huddy, laughing. “This is a conspiracy.”

But O’Reilly wasn’t joking – Bieber could get hurt! This thrower should be arrested. Also: “He looks like Ringo Starr when Ringo was eight. Look at the hair on the kid.”

First Lady Gaga, now Bieber. Maybe O’Reilly needs to start up the “Factor Summer Concert Series.”

He closed the segment saying “Hang in there, Justin, man!” Check it out:

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