Bill O’Reilly: I Can Never Understand Why The Left Hates Glenn Beck So Much

Bill O’Reilly spoke with Don Imus this morning and they discussed Glenn Beck‘s new television venture GBTV. O’Reilly said “Beck’s a genius” and that he’s going to make ten times as much money, but sincerely wondered how anyone could possibly hate Beck?

O’Reilly elaborated:

“I could never understand . . . why the left hated the guy so much or hates in the present tense. If you don’t agree with him fine, just have a few laughs, just admire his showmanship. Why do you have to get upset about that?”

Imus admitted he likes Beck because he has a great sense of humor, yet Imus didn’t struggle to provide O’Reilly with some answers. Imus rattled off some possible reasons for the left’s distaste of Beck, saying that “calling the President a racist was idiotic” and “beating up on Meghan McCain was disgraceful.” O’Reilly admitted those were errors, which Beck either apologized for or later realized was stupid, yet argued Beck is talking four hours per day and all broadcasters make mistakes. “I understand why they’re after me,” O’Reilly said, but he couldn’t understand why people would actively try to destroy “Norm on the barstool” (Beck).

Imus laughed at the thought that O’Reilly was still hated by the left and joked “any minute now I expect you and the President to pick out furniture together.” O’Reilly had a joke up his sleeve too, commenting on Beck’s many side business ventures, he predicted the next would be Beck’s own clothing line called “Apocalypse Now.”

Watch the clip below from Fox Business:

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