Bill O’Reilly: ‘I Was Amazed’ Romney ‘Turned Us Down’ For An Interview The Night Before The Election

According to Bill O’Reilly, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney turned down a chance to appear on his primetime Fox News show the night before the 2012 election. O’Reilly told Jay Leno that he knew Romney didn’t have a great shot at the White House.

He reported telling their camp, “You guys are going to lose unless you do something dramatic,” and was “amazed” when Romney chose not to sit down with him.

President Obama was also invited on the show, but declined the request, as well. O’Reilly seemed understanding about that particular rejection, saying,

“And the president, you know, his guy said to me, ‘What? We’re going to put him on The Factor and then you’re going to ask him about Libya? Come on, no.'”

Romney, however, would have received plenty of time for his chat with O’Reilly, but still didn’t appear. Seemingly perplexed, O’Reilly told Leno,

“We would’ve given him the whole hour. The Monday, the night before, we would’ve given him the whole hour because we did invite the president. They turned us down. Romney would’ve had an hour in primetime on the highest rated show in the country, in cable news.”

Although O’Reilly tried to persuade the two men onto his show, he apparently doesn’t communicate directly with either one: “I don’t talk to them. I talk to their people.”

Watch the full clip below, via NBC:

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