Bill O’Reilly: I Would Be Shocked If Romney Didn’t Get The Nomination

On The Factor Wednesday evening, host Bill O’Reilly brought on Charles Krauthammer to discuss the GOP’s hopes for the candidate field.

Talk soon, and inevitably, turned to Herman Cain. And O’Reilly was characteristically blunt about his expectations for Cain:

He’s tuned in to the Karl Roves, to the big money men and Haley Barber , Jim DeMint, Senator DeMint from South Carolina — these are the real power brokers inside the Republican party. And they well know, as I think you do, that Herman Cain is not going to beat President Obama. If Herman were to ensure the Republican nomination, as charismatic and as interesting to watch as he is, he’s not going to beat Barack Obama. That’s what the establishment Republicans are worried about.

They believe — and I know you know this is true — at this point, anything could happen, Romney could stumble, Perry could miraculously rise from the dead, I guess. Romney, in the polls, is beating Obama. Romney, in the Independent precincts, is beating Obama big. That’s why the Republican establishment wants him.

He added that he would be very surprised, “almost shocked” if Romney were not to get the nomination. (Do you all agree out there? Think Perry still has a chance? Think Cain’s support will fade?)

Have a look at the full clip below, from Fox News:

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