Bill O’Reilly Invites Lady Gaga On Factor, Promises She Can Bring Whiskey

I disagree with a whole lot of what Bill O’Reilly says but sometimes he’s just awesome. Case in point, inviting Lady Gaga to come on the Factor and telling her she’s free to bring whiskey (he was referencing the story of Gaga downing the aforementioned liquor in the Yankees’ locker room this weekend). Sure the invitation was an attempt to get ratings and therefore a blatant publicity grab which is what he had just accused her of doing, but just imagining that interview makes me happy so I can’t hold it against him.

If Lady Gaga agrees to the appearance (and if she really wants to keep up her “crazy” MO, downing whiskey on the O’Reilly Factor is the best idea ever), I think the two of them should play a little drinking game. She can show one of her videos and he can espouse his conservative ideology and they can each do a shot every time one of them offends the other. It’ll be at least as fun as if Megyn Kelly had accepted my beer pong challenge.

Just kidding. Nothing would be as fun as that.

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