Bill O’Reilly Will Be Latest To Cash In On Sarah Palin’s Cashing In

palin_11-17bWhat could end up being the hardest-hitting interview in Sarah Palin’s media blitz this week will begin Thursday and won’t conclude until Monday night.

Bill O’Reilly‘s three-parter will air Thursday, Friday and Monday – and a very brief preview is online now.

A 30-second YouTube video appeared today on, and serves as more of a commercial for than a preview of the interview (via TVNewser).

But after a week that we’ve seen interviews with Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters, heard Palin on the radio with Rush Limbaugh today and will see her first cable news interview with Sean Hannity tomorrow, O’Reilly’s may be the one that makes the most news, and puts the potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate on the spot to answer the tough questions.

For now, it appears her media tour is winding down as her road trip book tour is heating up – it begins tomorrow. Still, her initial Facebook post discussed interviews with more individuals than she has spoken to so far, including Greta Van Susteren, Glenn Beck and Dennis Miller. Maybe next week.

One key note about all these interviews is that none have been live. It seems they’ve all been wrapped up for days. Will we get to see Palin sit for a live interview at some point in the future as she continues her “Going Rogue” push?

Here’s the “preview”:

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