Bill O’Reilly: Let’s Solve Oil Spill Crisis By ‘Stuffing Members Of NBC News In That Hole’ (Update)

Bill O’Reilly called in to Fox & Friends this morning to talk about several political stories, from the Sarah Palin to Pres. Barack Obama‘s graduation speech to West Point cadets.

But it was his (joking) take on how to solve the oil spill that got the most attention from the F&F co-hosts. He’d like to stuff the competition in the hole.

It started with O’Reilly explaining how, while BP isn’t doing much to solve the crisis, it’s not like anyone else has any better ideas. “I haven’t heard one expert say, ‘oh I could fix that,'” he said. “Not one. I don’t think anybody knows what to do.”

O’Reilly’s choice? “I thought that they, basically, in the very beginning, should stuff every member of NBC News in that hole,” he said, while co-host Gretchen Carlson let out an “oh my gosh.”

Brian Kilmeade joined the fun. “They did want a junk shot,” he said.

Is the joke worthy of a “Worst Person” appearance? Maybe a Tworst?

> Update: Chuck Todd responds via Twitter: “that guy is a one-trick pony I guess; sad”. It’s on!

Either way, enjoy the…creative solution:

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