Bill O’Reilly Meets His Puppet Counterpart – Fairness And Balance Ensues

oscar_11-25In the wake of Sesame Street’s joking jab at Fox News (having Oscar the Grouch get a suggestion to watch “Pox News…a trashy news show”), Bill O’Reilly invited Sherrie Westin, EVP of Sesame Workshop, on for an edited segment to defend Sesame Street.

But someone else stopped by as well for his TV debut – “Spill O’Reilly.”

“Pox News? It’s outrageous,” said O’Reilly, although it was clear he was at least half-kidding. “Oh Bill. We do parodies on Sesame Street, but they’re done for a reason,” said Westin, who is also the wife of ABC News President David Westin. “If you looked at that whole parody, for Oscar, the highest praise is being trashy.”

“So he was actually praising Fox News,” said O’Reilly.

Westin also introduced the newest anchor on the “Grouch News Network,” joining the illustrious company of Walter Cranky and Dan Rather-not: Spill O’Reilly.

“Welcome to the no-spew zone, I’m Spill O’Reilly,” begin the puppet. “We are fair and balanced, completely non-partisan. You want to know the truth about us grouches, this is it. We can’t stand anybody!”

O’Reilly got serious at the end of the segment. “By the way, Sesame Street celebrating 40 years on the air, so congratulations to them, it is a very worthy enterprise,” he said.

Here’s the full segment – check out the self-promotion Spill O’Reilly has picked up from his FNC host counterpart:

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