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Bill O’Reilly Offers To Go To Washington And Broker Debt Talks

It’s been a good week or so of serious coverage of America’s debt crisis, and since the nation became reluctantly captivated with the debt talks, they have increasingly seemed to be going nowhere. Some may blame it on political egos; others to mere bipartisan obstinacy. During his “Talking Points Memo” tonight, Bill O’Reilly blamed the failures on a lack moderate dialogue, with which he has become so frustrated that he invited himself to Washington to negotiate the talks.

O’Reilly began his Talking Points Memo by reminding his audience that he did not agree with Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s decision not to vote for an increase in the debt ceiling at any cost. “If a debt deal is not reached, Americans will suffer greatly,” he argued, noting that many do not believe that claim. He persuaded Americans to “put ideology aside and urge the politicians to get a compromise done, and went into his personal plan to reach a compromise: close tax loopholes without raising taxes, agree to revise the tax code, save Social Security and Medicare and agree to keep the current debt more or less stable until it is possible to reduce.

This plan, O’Reilly noted, netted him some support from the White House, as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called O’Reilly a “voice of moderation” on the debate. O’Reilly took the compliment as a sign that only he could solve the debt crisis. “I’m offering to broker the debt compromise,” he stated boldly. “I’ll go down there! I’m ready to answer the call because I’m looking out for you, not some crazy ideology or political party.”

Ball’s in your court, White House. All things considered, letting Bill O’Reilly in on the debt mess can’t make matters any worse, right?

The segment via Fox News below:

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