Bill O’Reilly On GOP 2012 Lineup: If I’m Obama, ‘I’m Not Quaking Over There’

Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer discussed a recent column by George Will claiming there are really only five serious Republican candidates for President in 2012: Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney. Krauthammer agreed with that field of candidates, prompting O’Reilly to conclude with a list like that, “if I’m President Obama, I’m not quaking over there.”

Krauthammer dismissed the possibility of Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin running, given that both have lucrative Fox News contracts and have shown no indication that they are taking steps to run. O’Reilly was surprised that Newt Gingrich was left off the list, however Krauthammer didn’t consider him “serious” either. Krauthammer described Gingrich as someone with little chance to win because he’s “undicisplined” and not likely to “wear well in the primary season.”

O’Reilly dismissed all of the “serious” candidates, except Romney, as people “nobody knows,” whereas Krauthammer dismissed the possibility of Romney being successful due to his continued “illogical” defense of Romneycare in Massachusetts, despite how “aggressive” he gets against Obamacare. Both O’Reilly and Krauthammer agreed that the election in 2012 will be mostly about Obama, and that is why all Krauthammer wants is a Republican candidate who is “steady and solid.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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