Bill O’Reilly On Herman Cain: No Clue About Foreign Affairs

Never let it be said that Bill O’Reilly won’t let you know precisely what’s on his mind. On The Factor Wednesday evening, he shared his honest assessment of GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain with comedian (and Cain fan!) Dennis Miller.

Said O’Reilly:

So Hermain Cain… Look. I like Hermain Cain, I like his spirit. I think he presents himself very well. But when he came on The Factor a few weeks ago, he had no clue about foreign affairs.

“Oh, like the guy in there now does,” laughed Miller. “Aren’t we supposed to improve upon that?” asked O’Reilly.

Miller pointed out that what he likes about Barack Obama is that he’s “kept a lot of the Bush / Cheney stuff” going, and believes Cain might be able to continue that as well. O’Reilly’s fear regarding Cain, however, is that he lacks the experience and frame of reference to deal with massive issues and potential threats — like China. But! The man does know a thing or two about getting pizzas to hungry people.

Take a look at the segment, from Fox News:

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