Bill O’Reilly Recounts How He Upset “Both Far Right And Far Left” With Obama Interview

Ready to get meta? On The Factor this evening, Bill O’Reilly commented on comments made (often about other comments) about his Super Bowl Sunday interview with President Barack Obama, including “pal” Bill Maher‘s assessment that his conduct was “unpatriotic.”

O’Reilly told viewers that “as he predicted,” “extremists” on both ends of the political spectrum took issue with the interview, with those on the far right seeking to disparage the President at every turn, and those on the far left fearing their loss of power. (Who is on the far right? “Listen to talk radio” and you’ll find out, advises O’Reilly. Now, whom could he possibly mean?)

O’Reilly comically predicted that, by tomorrow, people will be reporting that he “bound and gagged” the President during his interview. He added that, in reality, the interview served to position Fox News as a “credible and serious” news source – which is something that obviously won’t sit well with everyone sitting on the sidelines.

He brought on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham to further weigh in on the reaction to the interview and to discuss O’Reilly’s opinion that the interview elevates Fox News in the eyes of its critics:

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