Bill O’Reilly Responds To Jon Stewart’s Takedown Of His Defense Of The Elusive American Millionaire

O'Reilly Responds To Jon Stewart's Takedown Of His Defense Of The American Millionaire

On Thursday night, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly took a little time to address the manner in which Jon Stewart poked fun at his declaration that, if President Obama raising taxes on the super wealthy, O’Reilly will be leaving his job. Stewart had jokingly noted that, hey, O’Reilly is only looking out for American millionaires — unfortunate, dying breed that they are.

O’Reilly called the “tax the rich mantra” a “ruse,” adding that there simply aren’t enough wealthy people in this country to make any sort of noticeable impact in the federal regardless of how much is taken out of their wallets. In his response to Stewart, O’Reilly called the Comedy Central host a “liberal man who has no use for whining millionaires” who is “dedicated to mocking the hand that feeds him.” Quite literally, it would appear, as O’Reilly is specifically referring to Stewart’s takedown of Republican Rep. John Fleming, who owns several Subway sandwich shops. Because who needs Subway, O’Reilly pointed out, if you’re a sushi-eating, latte-swilling New Yorker? (Bill! Some of us here subsist on Diet Coke and Doritos Munchies. Or, alternately, vaca frita. Come out to Queens and I’ll get you some.)

Later, O’Reilly said he’s trying to stand up for Americans with common sense, who knows that “spending like sheiks” under a Democratic Congress won’t help us one bit. Despite what Ron Howard might think.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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