Bill O’Reilly Responds to Tom Brokaw’s Diss

A few days ago, Tom Brokaw defended the network evening news and said if Bill O’Reilly was in that league, he “would finish dead last.” O’Reilly responded on his show Tuesday night, saying the big three are way past their peak of relevance and cable news provides all the information that they either gloss over or don’t get to on the nightly network newscasts.

O’Reilly said that Brokaw’s “a first-rate journalist, but does see things through a liberal prism.” He made the case that cable news pulls off impressive feats even if it doesn’t get the ratings network news does, because ABC, NBC, and CBS have “lost a lot of influence” and aren’t as talked about as what happens on Fox and its cable competitors.

O’Reilly argued that because the network news has such a selective liberal bias, it falls to outlets like Fox to get “vital information to viewers” that no one else is talking about, and so Brokaw should be “overjoyed” that cable news exists.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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