Bill O’Reilly Suggests Gov’t Might ‘Steal Our Money,’ Clashes With Marc Lamont Hill Over Raising Taxes

Bill O’Reilly tonight took aim at the Congressional Progressive Caucus and how its members want to deal with the bad economy. Among its prescriptions are taxing anyone making over $1 billion at 49 percent and cutting defense spending, which led O’Reilly to dismiss them as a “crazy caucus.” Marc Lamont Hill told O’Reilly that it’s only a proposal and it’s not going to happen, and during a back-and-forth about Jesus being killed over taxes, Hill amusedly asked O’Reilly if he’s been reading “the Fox News version of the Bible.”

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O’Reilly highlighted the current economic crisis in Cyprus and how the government is considering taking money out of personal bank accounts, saying that “the lesson is important for Americans.” He pointed to the almost-half tax rate proposal pushed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus and how they want to limit deductions while putting trillions more into government spending and cutting defense spending.

O’Reilly said that the United States may very well be on the same road as Cyprus, and that many in the “crazy caucus” unashamedly want the U.S. to embrace socialist policies. Hill argued that the 49% tax proposal is just a template for the progressive side, telling O’Reilly he shouldn’t “freak out” over a mere proposal. O’Reilly asked how anyone could possibly have the “moral authority” to want to take half of a person’s income, to which Hill clarified again that the Congressional Progressive Caucus does not actually want to do that.

Hill made it clear that he personally doesn’t think the 49% mark is reasonable, insisting that it’s merely a starting point so that during later negotiations, they can propose a lower figure more acceptable to the other side.

O’Reilly then pointed out that Jesus was killed over taxes, and claimed that there are many correlations between modern America and what happened in Galilee all those years ago. Hill asked O’Reilly if he’s been reading “the Fox News version of the Bible” before arguing that Jesus believed in redistribution and giving back to the poor.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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