Bill O’Reilly Tears Into Obama, MSNBC, and Praises the Rapper Nelly in Shutdown Roundup

Bill O’Reilly kicked off his show Thursday night recapping the winners and losers in the government shutdown fight. Okay, just the losers, because as far as O’Reilly’s concerned, no one won this fiasco. He went after President Obama and all the people who said “dumb things” during the shutdown fight, from members of Congress to the rap artist Nelly.

O’Reilly first expressed his annoyance with clich├ęs like “kick the can down the road” and “move the goal posts” before saying that “everybody lost” in this almost-three-week fight. He took on Obama in particular for talking about the economic impact of the shutdown, saying that’s merely a “ruse” to blame the shutdown for future economic catastrophe down the road on the shutdown instead of Obamacare.

He took a swipe at MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts for a particularly confrontational interview with Marsha Blackburn and slammed actor Robert Redford for connecting Obama opposition to racism, calling him “vile.”

But O’Reilly had some surprisingly nice words for the rapper Nelly, who said that if the government’s shut down, no one should have to pay taxes. O’Reilly found Nelly’s words to be “quiet poetic.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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