Bill O’Reilly: The Media Is ‘Hyping The Nuke Situation In Japan’ Too Much

Bill O’Reilly believes that the “worldwide media is hyping the nuke situation in Japan a bit too much.” Given that the hype is causing chaos in the stock markets and panic throughout Japan, O’Reilly thinks that until there are new developments, the nuke situation should not continue to be the subject of media speculation.

Echoing some of the sentiments expressed by Glenn Beck yesterday, O’Reilly argued that the “truth is no one knows how bad this is, however that doesn’t stop the hype.” While Beck suggested the media’s fascination with nukes was because it’s “sexy television,” O’Reilly did not offer a theory to explain the hype, and instead just urged that the continuous coverage be scaled back until a serious development occurs.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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