Bill O’Reilly: The OWS Movement Has Been Hijacked By Extremists, More Violence Is On The Way

On Thursday, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly continued in his mission to shed light on the instances of violence sprouting up in various cities participating in the “Occupy” movement.

“Professional agitators,” O’Reilly reported, “have now infiltrated the ranks of the Occupy Wall Street movement.” This has caused tension, he continued, between the non-violent protesters and those who merely want to “destroy stuff.”

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Now Talking Points always wants to be fair, so here’s a balanced perspective. In the beginning, many of the protesters simply wanted to vent a legitimate beef that greedy banks and brokerage houses are manipulating the economies so that working people make less money. In some case, that is true.

So, like the Tea Party, Occupiers have some valid points. But very quickly — very quickly — anarchists, communists and violent psychopaths showed up, and now we have chaos. The worst part? Is that the chaos is being manipulated and financed at a very high level.

As evidence of that manipulation, O’Reilly played a clip of Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers, speaking to Ed Schultz about the need to occupy more than simply parks, which he saw as an “open call for violence” because Gerard’s suggestion would result in confrontation.

Moreover, O’Reilly warned, more violence is on the way…

Have a look at the segment, from Fox News:

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