Bill O’Reilly Talks Viagra, Gas Prices And Mitt Romney’s Hair On The View

Bill O’Reilly was one of the featured guests on The View this morning , and they rolled out the red carpet for him (i.e. he got to sit on the couch rather than join them at the table. The hosts wasted no time asking him his opinion on the Rush Limbaugh debacle, which he characterized as “inappropriate.” He went on to say that Rush’s remarks obscured the bigger issue, which is the “entitlement state versus Ms. Fluck’s [sic] opinion” on birth control.

When Joy Behar challenged him on insurance coverage of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs, he shot back that the Center for Disease Control categorizes various conditions as “medical,” and ED is one of them, while contraception is not. When Behar followed up with a question about whether or not he considered vasectomies contraception, he deflected with “I don’t consider anything anything!” and deferred to the CDC once again.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck switched gears for a moment to ask him about the current Republican primary race. He blamed Barack Obama for high gas prices and speculated that they would play a role in the general election, and when Joy said, “Americans know that gas prices have nothing to do with Obama,” to applause from the audience, O’Reilly countered with “I don’t know that!” and argued that it was Obama’s job to solve speculation that is driving up oil prices, which was also punctuated by loud applause.

Man, that is one confused studio audience!

You can see the clip here, via ABC:

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