Bill O’Reilly To Mitt Romney: ‘Snap Out Of It!’

On his show tonight, Bill O’Reilly dissected the reaction to the “47 percent” leaked video of Mitt Romney and how it played in the media as opposed to a video of President Obama. O’Reilly acknowledged the myriad of problems that the Romney campaign is facing, and said that the Republican candidate needs a “snap out of it!” moment in order to be a strong contender again.

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Greg Gutfeld blamed the media for making a bigger deal for the Romney video than the Obama video. Bernard McGuirk, meanwhile, said Romney was at fault for bringing more attention to the video with his press conference earlier this week.

O’Reilly said Romney’s problem in the video wasn’t that he was referring to Americans as “slackers,” but attaching a number to it. However, he also acknowledged that Romney has been too “touchy-feely” during the campaign. He compared the Romney campaign to the movie Moonstruck, when Cher slaps Nicholas Cage and yells at him, “Snap out of it!” O’Reilly said that this kind is what needs to happen soon with Romney.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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