Bill O’Reilly To Trump: ‘I Don’t Think You Believe’ This Birther Stuff

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly questioned Donald Trump about comments he’s made regarding Barack Obama‘s birth certificate to anyone who would listen – including the ladies of The View.

O’Reilly pointed out that, for him, the “birther issue” is not a huge deal because two separate Honolulu newspapers announced Obama’s birth and it’s far-fetched to think that there is an elaborate conspiracy in place to hide Obama’s real birthplace by planting fake birth announcements (“What is he, Baby Jesus?” is how O’Reilly quite succinctly put it.)

Trump countered by saying that, as someone intimately familiar with the workings of Wall Street, he knows it’s possible to doctor documents like newspaper announcements and that, in any case, the announcements came three days after the President’s supposed birth date. Trump also noted that he personally hates the (often derogatory) term “birther” because many of those calling for Obama’s birth certificate are actually “really quality people who just want the truth.”

Trump went on to question whether there is something on his birth certificate that Obama doesn’t want people to see… like that he’s listed as a Muslim.

O’Reilly, who seemed more amused by the interview than anything, told Trump he suspects he’s merely being provocative and doesn’t truly believe that Obama is missing or hiding his birth certificate.

Watch the interview, courtesy of Fox News:

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