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Billy Bush: Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Are The Best ‘In The History Of Boobs’

On Monday’s Access Hollywood Live, Billy Bush and Kit Hoover discussed Lindsay Lohan‘s photo spread in the new issue of Playboy. And for two entertainment hosts, they seemed to have very little knowledge of Lohan’s boobs, considering how often they’re on display, in all their glory, in various magazines and on websites.

Hoover admitted that she didn’t know Lohan had boobs –“like, big boobs! And they hang nicely!” Bush then said that he looked at the pictures…with his wife. “Because I’m a 40 year-old guy, it’s creepy looking at a 25 year-old girl topless.” Their verdict?

“In the history of boobs, these are the best boobs.”

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Hoover then re-iterated that she had no clue Lohan looked so voluptuous, to which Bush suggested that it’s because she’s, “still seeing Parent Trap.” Bush then revealed that, in his kitchen, actor Scott Wolf (from Party of Five fame) and his wife, Kelley, had a debate over whether or not Lohan’s boobs were natural.

Watch the entire clip of the exchange below, complete with Bush’s thoughts on Lohan possibly having implants, below, courtesy of NBC:

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