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Birther Leader Orly Taitz Winning A GOP Primary? Lawrence O’Donnell Says ‘Only In California’

Orly Taitz. If you know the name, you’re already laughing. But the California Republican Party isn’t laughing because, after tonight, it’s quite possible they may have nominated her to run for California Secretary of State. As Keith Olbermann explained tonight, it’s not exactly the type of position that involves heavy campaigning, which means that Taitz’ minimal campaign work may have just won her the nomination of a major party.

“Is this possible?” Olbermann asked guest Lawrence O’Donnell. “Yes,” he replied, “only in California… it is absolutely possible.” While the results of the election are still not in, there is no clear sign that Taitz will certainly lose, although O’Donnell notes that the incumbent Democrat will “obviously be reelected in November.” “What Orly Taitz is really running for is the honor of losing to the very popular, safe incumbent,” he explained. That said, because Secretary of State is not exactly a position known for its heavy campaigning, the fact that Taitz has name recognition means that the GOP “might be carrying this incredible liability on their ticket.”

Video of Olbermann and O’Donnell’s exchange on Countdown below:

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