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#BlackLivesMatter Organizer, Ex-DEA Agent Clash on CNN Over ‘Pigs in a Blanket’ Chant

cnn blmOne of the organizers of a Minnesota #BlackLivesMatter protest, Rashad Turner, squared off with ex-DEA special agent David Katz on CNN today over the chanting of “pigs in a blanket” during that protest.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin confronted Turner about that kind of rhetoric, but Turner dismissed it by saying there’s plenty of uproar over rhetoric but not that same kind of uproar about the facts when it comes to law enforcement’s treatment of black lives. In essence, he didn’t feel it necessary to offer an apology for that kind of rhetoric.

He insisted they don’t want to promote violence against cops and said that chant was about a system that works in the favor of officers when they get in trouble.

Katz jumped in to tell Turner this kind of thing is representative of their movement and “when you start weeping for white cops that get shot down in Houston, then I’ll be talking the same message you talk.”

They went back and forth a bit, with Katz telling Turner not to interrupt him, and Turner insisting that it’s unfair to blame the movement at large for what a select few say. Katz said their priority should be about “bad cops” and not all of them.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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