‘Bless These Braying Jackasses’: SNL’s Senate Chaplain Barry Black Prays Away the Gov’t Shutdown

On SNL tonight, Kenan Thompson portrayed Senate Chaplain Barry Black, who offered up a series of prayers for the government shutdown, each one escalating in violent imagery as he became more and more disillusioned with the reality at hand.

“Lord,” he began, “Please smack ’em across the face with a sack full of quarters. Now that’s change I can believe in.”

But as “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers explained to him Ted Cruz‘s role in the continued shutdown, Black got even more serious: “Bless these braying jackasses,” he began his next prayer. “May they find themselves in a restroom stall, devoid of toilet paper.”

When Meyers informed “Black” that there is a compromise idea on the table right now, but literally no one, including the president, supports it, the chaplain outright gave up: “Send a flood to Washington and just drown everybody.”

Watch below, via NBC:

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