Blitzer Grills Chaffetz for Saying He’ll Vote for Trump After Strongly Condemning Him

blitzer-chaffetzCongressman Jason Chaffetz strongly trashed and un-endorsed Donald Trump after that Access Hollywood tape came out. He strongly declared “I’m out” and said, “[I] got a 15-year-old daughter. You think I can look her in the eye and tell her that I endorse Donald Trump for president when he acts like this?”

Since then, he has decided he’s voting for Trump.

So Wolf Blitzer pressed him today on that flip. And Chaffetz made it clear that while he will never defend what Trump said, he genuinely believes Hillary Clinton would be worse for the country because her ability to lie “scares me more than anything.”

He also claimed that there is a difference between an endorsement of someone and voting for someone. Blitzer said that telling people the person you’re going to vote for sounds like an endorsement. Chaffetz said, “The endorsement is far different than who you actually vote for.”

Blitzer asked Chaffetz if he’s really comfortable with someone like Trump in the White House, given how he may not be the best role model for young girls.

Chaffetz again insisted to Blitzer that he would never condone or defend the actions or statements from anyone having to do with taking advantage of women, but there’s a binary choice in this election.

He also pointed out that the Clintons don’t have a “clean slate” on this issue…

Watch above, via CNN.

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