Blitzer Grills Chaffetz on Investigating Trump: You’re Supposed to Be a Check and Balance


Wolf Blitzer grilled House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz tonight asking him if he plans to do any investigating into President Trump‘s business conflicts of interest or tax returns.

Chaffetz said he doesn’t see the big deal about Trump’s tweet slamming Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s business, saying he has the right to weigh in with his opinion on the matter and agreeing with the White House that Nordstrom’s decision was likely politically motivated.

Blitzer asked him if he’s looking into whether Trump, given his vast business empire, is “profiting off the presidency.” Chaffetz, who has said he’s curious about the Trump D.C. hotel’s deal with the government, told Blitzer, “The president is exempt from conflicts of interest.”

As far as he’s concerned, all the calls to look into Trump are just angry Democrats demanding a “fishing expedition” because their side lost. And “unless there’s some real cause to do it,” he doesn’t plan on investigating.

Blitzer specifically pressed Chaffetz on the issue of Trump’s tax returns, to which he responded by saying that he wouldn’t want to “overuse” his power by subpoenaing those returns. He personally believes that Trump should disclose those documents, but told Blitzer he’s not going to subpoena them just to see if there’s anything in there:

If somebody has not violated the law and there’s no evidence that they’re violating the law, do you really think that it’s appropriate for me to just go on a fishing expedition and look at tax returns? There’s very strict rules on that.

He added that one branch of government doing that to the head of another branch wouldn’t be appropriate. Blitzer took a moment in response to say this:

Your committee is designed to be a sort of a check and a balance on the executive branch. The Oversight Committee, that’s what it’s called. You have to look, potentially, at a whole bunch of issues that are sometimes awkward.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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