Blitzer to Kellyanne Conway: Can You Tell Trump to Cool It With the Anti-Media Attacks?

conway-blitzer-2Wolf Blitzer‘s frustrations with Donald Trump‘s attacks on the press have bubbled to the surface this week, and today he confronted Kellyanne Conway about it.

First he told a Trump adviser that the GOP nominee shouldn’t be trying to “undermine the First Amendment,” and today he told Trump’s campaign manager he’s alarmed by these increased attacks on members of the press.

Conway talked up just how biased the liberal media is, especially with WikiLeaks emails showing “collusion.”

But Blitzer specifically told her it “worries” him that Trump is ratcheting up the nastiness towards reporters on the campaign trail, which leaders to his supporters getting nasty with those reporters up close and personal. He asked Conway directly if she would tell Trump to quit it.

She deferred and instead pointed to violence orchestrated by the left and the bias of Trump campaign embeds.

Blitzer again said that criticizing the press is different from rhetoric that could lead to “an ugly incident.”

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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