Blocked Reporter Recruits Bystander After Hillary Stonewalls His Questions

Hillary Clinton (2)Hillary Clinton was so steadfast in ignoring questions from Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin during an event Monday, he was forced to recruit a non-reporter to ask the question for him.

In the video of the moment, which played on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday morning, Clinton ignored Halperin despite him loudly asking the same question over and over again. “A reporter she’s known for almost a quarter century standing inches away from her asks her questions and she pretends she can’t hear her?” he narrates.

Eventually Halperin gave up and got an everyday voter to go up and ask the exact same question for him. “What’s your message to the NRA?” the woman asked.

This time Clinton stopped to answer. “I just did a town hall about that. Look my message is not to them or for them, my message is to the American people. It’s time that we stood up together for commonsense gun safety measures to end the epidemic of gun violence.”

Halperin pulled the woman aside afterwards to get her take. “It was great,” she said. “She gave me a great answer and she interacted with me and she gave me an answer I valued and I think it made sense.”

“You won, I won and Hillary Clinton won,” Halperin concluded.

Watch above, via Bloomberg Politics.

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