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Bloomberg Advisor Tim O’Brien Acknowledges ‘Fair Criticisms’ of Campaign: ‘We Don’t Want to Misrepresent’

Tim O’Brien, senior advisor to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, acknowledged that political critics have some legitimate gripes with the campaign’s social media content.

As O’Brien spoke to CNN’s John Avlon on Sunday about how to go toe-to-toe with President Donald Trump, he was asked about criticism the campaign has received for airing a “doctored” clip from Bloomberg’s appearance at the Las Vegas Democratic Debate. The video, a parody from the Bloomberg campaign, portrayed the former New York City mayor striking his rivals silent after asking if they “ever started a business.”

Avlon acknowledged that Bloomberg made a fair point at the debate, but since the video portrayed the competition as flustered and confused, he asked O’Brien “are those fair criticisms and what is the danger of going too far?”

“Those are fair criticisms,” O’Brien said. “I think all of us have to do the right thing on social if you’re going to battle with Donald Trump, you still have to go to battle with him honorably. We don’t want to lie, we don’t want to misrepresent. I don’t think we want to use the kind of hateful tactics he uses.”

O’Brien concluded by saying “a couple times I think we’ve gotten out over our skis but we pulled that back internally.”

“I think for people to be creative and aggressive they need some breathing room, but we don’t want them to go too far, and in cases where they have, we’ve pulled it back.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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