Bloomberg Anchor Calls Out Guest for Giving Her ‘Sexist Line’

Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle was forced to call a “time out” less than two minutes into her interview with prominent investment manager Cliff Asness Tuesday after he delivered what she took to be a “sexist line” about her comprehension of quantitative investment strategies.

Asness was explaining why the geopolitical situation in the world does not affect his investment decisions when he paused and told Ruhle, “You’re giving me that look that I get when I talk to women about quant stuff.”

“Oh, really?” she shot back “Are you hitting me with a sexist line right there?”

“I didn’t mean that,” Asness replied quickly, explaining that he was actually making fun of his own attempts to hit on women in college.

“Let’s just have a time out right there,” Ruhle continued, repeating Asness’ words back to him: “Sorry, this is how it goes ‘when I talk to women about quant stuff.'”

“It’s two minutes in and I’m getting sexist by accident,” Asness said, looking at his watch before they decided to move on to other topics.

Watch video below, via Bloomberg TV:

[photo via screengrab]

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