Bloomberg Details NRA’s Mythical Influence, Urges Politicians To Take On Impotent Gun Lobby

On Sunday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed politicians who succumb to the mythical influence of the National Rifle Association saying the NRA’s power is “so vastly overrated.” Calling it a “myth” that the NRA can “destroy political careers,” Bloomberg said the group’s “number one objective” was to defeat President Barack Obama for a second term and they failed, evidencing their diminishing pull in Washington.

“One of the things I decided to do in this last election was to support some candidates that were running against those that had great records with the NRA,” Bloomberg told host David Gregory on NBC’s Meet The Press. “Where the NRA was putting their money into one side, I decided to put my money into the other side We won four out of seven.”

“There is this myth that the NRA is so powerful,” Bloomberg added. He noted that the public is largely supportive of increased gun regulations. “When you do the polls, they want to stop this carnage,” said Bloomberg

He went on to slam Congress for their continued inaction. “If Congress wasn’t so afraid of the NRA — and I can show you that they have no reason to be — but if they were to stand up and do what was right for the American public, we’d all be a lot better off,” Bloomberg concluded.

Watch the full clip below, via NBC:

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