Bloomberg Reporter Calls Out Tucker Carlson for Editing Her Tweet on Nielsen


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson flashed a graphic showing a tweet sent out by Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein during a segment calling out the left and the media for their comments after the ouster of now-former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

Yet, the tweet, as it turns out, had been edited.

In the Fox News version, it looked like Epstein was sharing her own personal view about blacklisting Nielsen.

The tweet, as shared by Carlson read: “Nielsen’s next stop will be carefully watched. If any major companies hire her, pay her to speak, etc., expect to see major outcry from immigration and civil rights groups and beyond.”

Without giving full context, Carlson also used Epstein’s edited tweet as an example of extremism.

“In other words, for her sins, Kirstjen Nielsen should not be allowed to have a job,” he said in response to the tweet. “She must be carefully watched. By the way, anyone who disagrees with that assessment should not be allowed to work either or speak in public or post on social media or sell books on Amazon or use banks. That’s their position. It’s the definition of extremism. Anyone who disagrees with me must be hurt.”

Yet, as Epstein quickly pointed out, what was seen and heard on Carlson’s show was not her whole tweet.

Here is her original tweet:

And as she shared on Monday night, “Tucker Carlson’s show edited a tweet of mine when it appeared on air tonight.”

She added: “They left out the colon and link to a story about groups that have pledged to protest companies that hire Nielsen or others involved in the family separation policy.”

Here is that tweet, including the images.

She further explained that she was not — as Carlson implied — spouting her personal views “on Nielsen or anyone else who’s served in the Trump admin. I was connecting the news of last night to something I reported two days earlier that a coalition of groups said they plan to do.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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