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Bloomberg Roasts Trump: I Don’t Know If He’s a Billionaire Because I Haven’t Seen His Tax Returns

Certified New York billionaire and presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg took a shot at certified President Donald Trump (who is also a New Yorker and claims to be a billionaire) during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour which aired Tuesday afternoon.

Bloomberg is reported to be worth over $70 billion from his Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg News companies. His recent entry into the Democratic primary race, and immediate spending of nearly $40 million in targeted political ad buys, has created controversies with his campaign rivals, nearly all of whom are lifelong civil servants.

Amanpour challenged the former three-term New York City mayor, noting that “one of the big things about you that everybody’s talking about is how you’re outspending your Democratic rivals by a factor of three combined.” As the CNN anchor continued to make the larger point of the material advantage her subject had, Bloomberg interrupted with “And so what’s the problem? I missed you there.”

Amanpour noted that she hadn’t yet asked the question before quoting “people” as saying  “‘Do we need yet another billionaire in the race?'”

Bloomberg asked “who’s the other billionaire?’ to which the CNN correspondent asked, “Well, isn’t there a Tom Steyer and a Donald Trump?”

“I’ve never seen their tax returns, so I don’t know,” Bloomberg replied.

The former mayor then explained his campaign:

I am running as an American citizen who believes in this country, who thinks that I can make a difference. And I’ve been giving away, so far I think I’ve given away something like 10 billion dollars for things that I think are important in this country, one of which is getting us a good president. This is just another investment in a long list of, whether we put a billion dollars into the environment, we put 600 million dollars into fighting guns, and that sort of thing – or, spending whatever it takes to get elected and provide good government, because leadership really does matter. And keep in mind, incidentally, my father made six thousand dollars the best year of his life. So I didn’t come from money. Everything I have I’ve made, and I’m giving it all away. If that isn’t, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Watch above via CNN.

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