Bob Beckel Accuses His Five Co-Hosts Of ‘Going Down Prostitution Row’ For The Insurance Companies

Bob Beckel was off yesterday, so he had plenty of energy today. And so, fed up with his co-hosts blaming rising insurances premiums on Barack Obama and the Health Care Law instead of on the actual insurance companies (and also a little angry that they kept making fun of his new red and black ensemble), he let them have it.

BECKEL: You guys want to continue to go down Prostitution Row for these jerk-off insurance companies. Let me just make a point here.



BECKEL: The insurance companies in California raised the insurance premiums 40%. That’s four oh. That ain’t nine. These people are gouging us, using the Obama health care thing as an excuse.

Throughout the rest of the segment, even as the topic changed, Beckel continued to accuse the rest of the hosts of defending the big corporations. They all disagreed.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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