Bob Beckel Dresses As A Hippie To Tease His Jane Fonda-Hating Co-Hosts On The Five

It was time travel day on The Five this afternoon, and that’s not just because, in the year 2012, people are still complaining about Jane Fonda. While most of The Five hosts were absolutely furious that the actress was going to be playing Nancy Reagan in a new movie, The Butler, and claiming it was part of a Hollywood plan to trash conservative women, Bob Beckel teased them by showing up as that which they all fear; a hippie from half a century ago.

Of course, Beckel didn’t have to go to all that trouble. If he wanted to tease the rest of The Five, he could have just pointed out that they were wrong about the movie. The Butler isn’t “about Nancy Reagan” as they claimed. As its title implies, it’s about Eugene Allen who was a butler for eight different presidents, Ronald Reagan only being the last. As Variety, who broke the Fonda story, pointed out, the actress will only appear in “a handful of scenes.”

Still, some people will just hate Jane Fonda whether she’s in three scenes or 40. Even in 2012.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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