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Beckel Proves He’s Not Prejudiced: ‘Redneck’ Could Refer To Whites, Blacks, Or ‘Chinamen’

Bob Beckel has gotten in trouble for saying things on The Five before but this was just hilarious. During a segment on Michael Vick, he called the dog fighters a bunch of “rednecks.” Even as the word left his mouth, he could tell he was going to get in trouble. So, during the next segment (on a story we know he’s not too interested in), he made a point to apologize, saying that, to him, “redneck” wasn’t a racial thing because “blacks are rednecks, whites are rednecks, I was a redneck, Chinamen are rednecks.” His stunned co-hosts then rushed to cut to commercial and, when the show returned, Beckel was forced to apologize again to the Chinese community!

Seriously, watching Beckel dig a deeper and deeper hole (“I’m a liberal, I can get away with this stuff.”) was like a masterpiece comedy sketch, with the producers’ music choices (Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend”!) perfectly breaking up the punchlines. Put this in an episode of The Office and you barely have to change the script. Heck, even diehard Red Eye fans will be hard-pressed to name anything Greg Gutfeld’s done on TV that was funnier than his reactions to Beckel here.

Just watch the clip from Fox News below. It’s amazing.

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