Bob Beckel Scares The Crap Out Of Dana Perino With Fake Heart Attack

Today on Fox News, perhaps emboldened by their recent success, The Five attempted its most audacious and segment yet; one with SEVEN WHOLE HOSTS!

Yes, Dana Perino and Bob Beckel were down in Atlanta for what we can only assume is going to be the absolute party of the year, Sean Hannity’s 15 year anniversary show. So The Five piped them in over satellite. The segment mostly went off without a hitch. Except for that little part where Beckel faked a heart attack and seemed to scare the crap out of Perino.

The moment occurred as the group was discussing the shocking, SHOCKING news that Sarah Palin isn’t running for president. Once the topic was brought up, Beckel could be seen slumping over in his chair. The Five‘s director noticed and focused on the incident, presumably either because he or she knew it was a joke or thought Beckel was seriously hurt and assumed it would be good for ratings.

Perino seemed to think it was real and could be seen gesturing off camera for help. However, right before things got bad (and, I’ll admit, seeing Perino look nervous was enough to fool this writer as well), Beckel sat up and finished his “bit.” Perino, understandably, didn’t think it was all too funny.

Side note: How quickly did Eric Bolling have to run down the Fox hall to get from Your World to The Five in time?

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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