Bob Beckel: Which Bar Was Still Serving Hank Williams Jr. The Morning He Made ‘Hitler’ Comment

Yesterday, Hank Williams, Jr. made a silly comment on Fox & Friends comparing Barack Obama and John Boehner golfing together to “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” Soon after, his iconic theme song got pulled from ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast. Today on The Five, Williams Jr. got very little sympathy from anyone on the panel except for Bob Beckel who said he recognized the addiction behind Williams’ ever present sunglasses.

The other hosts were quick to compare this to Liberals comparing President Bush to Hitler. Beckel denied that ever happend besides the fringe and that debate went back and forth for a bit until Dana Perino summed it up that no one should use Hitler comparisons.

However, the most interesting part of the segment was when a few members of the panel questioned why the Fox & Friends hosts even asked Williams about politics in the first place.

You know what that means…


Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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