Bob Costas to O’Reilly: NBC Was Repeatedly Critical of Putin, ‘He’s An Adversary, Period’

Bob Costas joined Bill O’Reilly Monday night to defend his coverage of Vladimir Putin and Russia during the Sochi Olympics from conservative critics. Costas dismissed the whole thing as a “non-issue” and a “flimsy pretext for a controversy.” He said that he was “repeatedly” critical of Putin’s regime and human rights record on a number of occasions during the Olympics.

O’Reilly, who defended Costas from those aforementioned critics last month, asked why they would bring up politics at all. Costas argued it was important for the framing of the games, because if they were successful, “it would burnish the image of a man and a regime whose image does not deserve to be burnished.” He said he brought up “endemic” corruption in Russia a number of times, and agreed with O’Reilly that Putin is a “villain.”

Costas also added, “He’s an adversary, period.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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