Bob Schieffer Pans Tillerson’s ‘Hostage Tape’ Press Conference: ‘He’ll Be Gone by Christmas’

Rex Tillerson might be disputing the notion of any tensions with President Trump, but the way Bob Schieffer see’s it, there’s almost no way the secretary of state will last much longer.

Schieffer appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about the press conference where Tillerson shot down reports that he called Trump a “moron” and came close to resigning months ago. The veteran anchor thought that Tillerson’s remarks looked like they came out of a “hostage tape,” and that they probably won’t increase the secretary’s longevity in the administration.

“The word is he’ll be gone by Christmas,” said Schieffer. “I don’t know what happens, but I don’t see how this helped much of anything.”

Schieffer also found it odd that Tillerson would hold a news conference just to profess his loyalty to the president, especially considering the clear indications of friction between the two.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult for this Secretary of State to continue in his job,” Schieffer concluded.

Watch above, via CBS.

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