Bob Schieffer To David Axelrod On Downgrade: ‘Are You Saying The President Bears No Responsibility?’

Don’t count on President Obama’s campaign advisor David Axelrod being eager to return to Face the Nation anytime soon. First Bob Schieffer persistently wondered why Obama should be re-elected when the economic situation is “worse” today than it was when Obama first took office. And later in the same interview, Schieffer refuses to let Axelrod blame Republicans for being the sole cause of the S&P downgrade.

After Axelrod attempted to argue that it was Republican brinkmanship and a refusal to compromise that resulted in the S&P decision, Schieffer asked in a state of a shock, “are you saying that the President bears no responsibility for this, that this was all the fault of the other side?” Axelrod, getting visibly frustrated replied:

“Listen Bob what I’m saying is review the history of what happened here . . . this is essentially a Tea Party downgrade. The Tea Party brought us to the brink of a default.”

Yet Schieffer was not impressed with Axelrod’s attempt to label it a “Tea Party Downgrade” and to switch topics to how all the potential Republican presidential candidates failed to endorse any type of debt compromise. Instead Schieffer corrected Axelrod, reminding him that actually Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman did publicly support a compromise.

Watch the clip from CBS below:

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