Bob Schieffer to GOP Gov: You Still Think Climate Change Is ‘in God’s Hands’?

Today was a big deal for climate change, especially on the Sunday shows, and on Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer put North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory on the spot when he asked him point-blank if he still believes, as he said years ago, that climate change is just “in God’s hands” and there’s not much humans can do to stop it.

Back in 2008, McCrory said that while he believes in cleaning the environment, “there are some things that are out of our control. It’s in God’s hands.”

Schieffer brought up those remarks today and asked, “After going through this thing, you still feel that way and is there something we ought to be doing about it in the meantime?”

McCrory said that quote was taken out of context, telling Schieffer he believes in climate change, but the debate is over “how much of it is man-made and how much it will cost to have any impact on climate change.”

Watch the video below, via CBS:

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