Bob Schieffer to Gov. Jindal: Did GOP Listen to You About Not Being ‘Party of Stupid’?

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer asked Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal about his post-2012 election comment that Republicans had to stop being “the party of stupid,” noting that since then the national GOP had incurred numerous self-inflicted wounds.

“Since you’ve said ‘we’ve gotta stop being the stupid party,'” Schieffer began, “the government was shut down, people blamed the Republicans for doing that. We’ve had Republicans undercutting their own leadership in both the House and the Senate. Do you think there’s some sort of disconnect between Republicans outside Washington and those at the national level in Washington?”

“If you want to see real conservative principles being applied, you see it at the state levels,” Jindal replied. “You see governors, for example, in Florida and Ohio and South Carolina and Michigan, state after state with Republican governors, you see the unemployment rate going down, you see private sector jobs being created…You see Republican governors doing fiscally responsible things. If you want to see conservative principles being applied, you’ll see them outside of DC.”

Watch the clip below, via CBS:

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