Bob Woodward Speaks Out on Trump in First Interview: ‘Let’s Hope to God We Don’t Have a Crisis’


Bob Woodward spoke out about the Trump administration in his first interview on his book this Sunday, and warned that people need to “wake up” to what’s going on inside the White House.

The Washington Post reporter, famed for breaking the Watergate story alongside Carl Bernstein, gave his first interview to CBS This Morning to discuss his book Fear: Trump in the White House.

“You look at the operation of this White House and you have to say, ‘Let’s hope to God we don’t have a crisis,'” Woodward told CBS.

“People who work for him are worried that he will sign things or give orders that threaten the national security or the financial security of the country, or of the world,” he continued.

Fear reports that officials, including former economic adviser Gary Cohn, would steal documents off Trump’s desk to stop him from enacting certain policies.

Woodward said staffers did so “because they realized that this would endanger the country.”

CBS News’ David Martin asked: “How’d they get away with that?”

“[Trump] doesn’t remember,” Woodward replied. “If it’s not on his desk, if it’s not immediately available for action, it goes away.”

Woodward added that in the eight White House’s he’s covered, he has never heard of such actions.

The reporter went on to describe the most dangerous moment in the standoff between the U.S. and North Korea, when Trump prepared a tweet that the Pentagon feared would lead to a military collision.

“He drafts a tweet saying ‘We are going to pull out dependents from South Korea … Family members of the 28,000 people there,'” Woodward said. “At that moment there was a sense of profound alarm in the Pentagon leadership that, ‘My God, one tweet and we have reliable information that the North Koreans are going to read this as an attack is imminent.'”

Woodward said that his reporting on this White House took him “in the belly of the beast.”

“And what did you conclude about the beast?” Martin asked.

“That people better wake up to what’s going on,” Woodward said.

Watch the full feature above, via CBS News.

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