Bob Woodward Stunned by Trump’s Scattered, Conflicting Reactions About His Book: Don’t Know If He Understands ‘What Is Real and What Is Unreal’


Bob Woodward offered his stunned reaction to President Donald Trump’s scattered, conflicting reactions to the author’s book, and not-so-subtly questioned the president’s mental acuity and grasp of reality.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an hour-long interview, Woodward discussed how Trump has responded since the book was released.

“Now, this morning he was asked about the book on Fox News and he said he read it last night,” Woodward said, clearly skeptical. “Ok.”

Cooper then noted that Trump is not know for speed reading, or for reading at all.

“He said it’s ‘very boring’ and then the anchor on Fox News said ‘Thank you,’ asked him ‘Is it accurate?'” Woodward recounted. “You know what the president said? I mean, I want to be accurate here. He said, ‘It’s okay. I mean, it’s fine.’ And, you know, he’d been out saying it’s a political hit job and all of these things. I don’t know to be honest whether he’s got it straight in his head what is real and what is unreal.”

“That is why at the end of the book I say, in totality, my judgment is this is the wrong man for the job,” Woodward went on. “How can you have the experience of living in this White House the way I have for the last four plus years? And having not just discussions with him but people in the White House, people in the CIA, people in the Pentagon, people in the State Department trying to get the whole picture of what this administration is. How can you have that experience and not reach that conclusion?”

Cooper then noted that Woodward’s conclusion that Trump cannot always discern reality was “pretty terrifying,” based on the author’s experience having interviewed so many presidents.

“Is there any other president you’re ever interviewed who you would say the same thing of, they don’t know the difference?” Cooper pressed.

“No,” Woodward said.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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