Bolling, Kirsten Powers, Atheist Clash over Football Team’s ‘Christian Worship’

Hannity guest host Eric Bolling took on Kirsten Powers and American Atheists’ Nick Fish over complaints that the coach of Clemson University is unconstitutionally promoting “Christian worship,” including the inclusion of a team chaplain. Bolling thought it was ridiculous, but Fish argued it’s wholly inappropriate for someone in a “taxpayer-funded position.”

Fish said Coach Dabo Swinney has basically told players, “I’m a Christian and if you don’t like that you can go somewhere else.” Bolling said he has every right to promote religion on his own time, and noted how plenty of sports teams have chaplains. Fish shot back that private sports teams can do what they want, but not public universities.

Powers admitted she’s “sympathetic to the view that it could make people who aren’t Christians uncomfortable,” wondering why, when people of Christian faith have opportunities in their private lives to promote faith, any official position is required to promote it.

They also clashed over whether it’s wrong to have crosses on municipal property. Fish and Powers didn’t like the idea of “endorsing a particular religion,” but Bolling thought it might carry some weight when the vast majority of the population are actually Christian themselves.

There was one thing all three did agree on, however: Al Sharpton is crazy to compare President Obama to Jesus.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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