Bolling Tears Into White House for Dismissing Concerns of Bergdahl Platoon Members

On Fox’s Cashin’ In today, Eric Bolling lambasted a State Department spokesperson who cast some serious doubts on the accounts of Bowe Bergdahl‘s actions by his fellow soldiers this week, finding it somewhat ridiculous that anyone in the Obama White House would claim to know more of the story about Bergdahl’s case than the men who served with him.

Bolling, who wondered aloud this week if the deal to bring Bergdahl back was really worth it, maintained that this deal has the potential to “ensure we’ll be losing more blood and treasure in the war on terror.” Jonathan Hoenig added that a soldier’s responsibility is supposed to “destroy” the enemy, not to “be a sacrifice” for them.

Michelle Fields thought President Obama “made a deal with the devil,” but Jehmu Green shot back, “This is America, and we bring our soldiers home first and ask question slater.”

As for the comments about Bergdahl’s platoon members, Wayne Rogers said when you serve in the military the people alongside you know you best, so the White House shouldn’t presume that the soldiers speaking out are speaking from a place of ignorance or obliviousness to the facts.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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